Fall Sale

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Im getting ready for the London Potter’s Guild Fall Sale, again! Nov 23-24, 1250 Dundas St.


Shows are a lot of work. I wanna take a nap!

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Home County Booth Setup

This past weekend, in between weekly clay camp teaching, Sean Robinson and I set up a booth at the Home County festival here in London.  It was a great success!  We put a LOT of work into this one.  We designed and built all of the displays for the show.  They look great, and they all collapse completely for easy transport.  I was able to take all of the displays, tent, pots, wheel and table around in my van in one load.  Needless to say, Im pretty proud of our work on the shelves.  We sold pots and did demos all weekend.  It was very nice to always have a second person around to trade off doing sales or demos…also bathroom breaks!

My Pots at Home County

Here is what my side of the tent ended up looking like with all the pots on there.

These are a few of the new pots I put together for the show. I like the fat handle on that mug!

This weekend Sean and I are going to be setting up pots and demos at the new Hyde Park Farmer’s Market.  We will be there Sat, July 27th from 8-5 and Sun 9-3.  I will let you know how it all goes!

Next month I’m going to Huntsville to work for Eric Lindgren to do some piece-work.  I will try to share some images when I’m there!

Workshops and pots.

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I was lucky enough to get some tickets from Jane Thelwell, to a Ron Meyers workshop at Pinecroft.  The workshop was great.  It was a lot of fun to watch Ron throw pots, so slow and so loose!  He spent the second day decorating his pots with his “Usual Suspects” as he calls them, and that was really interesting to watch.


I’m now getting ready for the Home County Music and Art Festival here in London.  Its a three day event on July 19-21. Sean Robinson and I will have a booth there selling pots and doing demos on the wheel!

Here are a few pots that I’ve been working on.  I’m trying to bring a little more slip decoration into my pots.

My Work

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I’m currently working to get my inventory ready for the summer sales.  Here is a look at my recent work.

London Potter’s Guild Fall Sale Preparation

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I am getting ready for the annual London Potter’s Guild fall sale coming up.  The sale will be Nov 23-25, last I heard we have 53 potters at the sale this year!  The last few years we have had the sale at the London Clay Art Centre, this year, to accommodate more potters we are having it at 1250 Dundas Street (Thames Valley District School Board Education Centre).  I hope to see you there!  Let me know if you read this blog!

Sheridan Mug and Bowl-O-Rama

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Every year the Sheridan College Ceramics program has a few mug and bowl sales to raise money to pay for workshops and field trips for their students.  They invite alumni to come back for a weekend to make pots and eat pizza.

Loading up the carts

I decided to go back to Oakville and help fill up the ware carts with pots.  I ended up making a bunch of bowls and tumblers.  The best thing about it was that they had the 3rd years helping out by weighing and wedging your clay for you!

Pottery in action


Handles and Molds

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I’m a huge fan of handles, I will look at a pot, and something that always goes through my head is “Where can I put handles on this sucker?”.

I am constantly spending a lot of time, not only making pots, but making handles.  Handles are just as hard to make and get right as are the rest of the pot.  I’m on a quest to get my handle, to make a handle that I’m very proud of.  It’s slow going but I’m always getting closer and closer.  Of course I sometimes look at a handle and say “Yes! I got it!”, then a week passes and I see something that wasn’t quite right with that handle, and I keep going to try to fix that on the next one.

Mug Handle

This is the type of mug handle that I’m currently working on.  I like the ‘edges’ aspect to the attachment rather than smoothing it right into the mug, it lets me put the handle onto anything (over stamps and textures) without messing up the surface.  It’s also really nice when the glaze collects in those areas.

Alternate Mug Handle

The London Potter’s Guild is participating in a mug sale at the Museum London Gift Shop.  They asked anyone that was interested to make 4 mugs that were different from what you would usually make.  I usually make the cylinder mug, with no trimming.  So I thought I would go as different as I could, I made this shape with trimming, a plate and an upside-down handle.

Oval Handle

Just an accent handle on the end of some ovals that I made.

Glaze Test

Here is a glaze that I’m currently working on.  I got the recipe from Chris Hierlihy.  It fits great, and does everything I want it to do, I’m just working on getting the colour right.  Look at that great ‘blip’ on the foot there, and the way it pools into the handle edges, yum!

Slump Mold

And lastly I’ve just started working on some really long-boat kinda dishes, with some texture in them.  This is the mold I’m using.  Hopefully I’ll get some done soon and post them! I bet they’ll have handles on them!

Mugs and Bowls